Fortified Fitness - Copy created for website and Social Media Usage.

IV Bar: The Fortified Fitness IV Bar is a specialized department where trained medical professionals administer intravenous (IV) and intramuscular (IM) treatments to deliver vitamins and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream or deep muscles for enhanced absorption and potential health benefits.

Functional Medicine is an approach that seeks to address the root causes of health issues by considering the interconnectedness of various bodily systems and individualized patient needs, aiming to promote overall wellness rather than simple symptom management.

Our IV Bar and Functional Medicine process can work in conjunction with each other by offering personalized nutrient therapies based on your specific laboratory results.

These IV infusions compliment a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Functional Medicine: Introducing an extraordinary partnership between Fortified Fitness and Ashley Watson, Functional Medicine RN, aka The Healthology Nurse! Together, we’re committed to guiding you on a personalized health journey through the transformative power of functional medicine.

Having a Functional Medicine Provider on-site allows us to delve deep into the root causes of your health concerns. We’ll explore a comprehensive range of factors, including nutrition, lifestyle choices, genetics, and environmental influences to create a customized plan that addresses your unique needs. With this approach, we aim to equip you with long-lasting, sustainable wellness.

Our partnership doesn’t end there. At Fortified Fitness, you’ll find an array of services and amenities designed to support your ongoing health optimization. From top-notch fitness facilities and personalized training sessions to customized IV Nutrient Therapy, we provide a nurturing environment to enhance your well-being.

Join us as we embark on this transformative adventure, where personalized health meets the resources of Fortified Fitness.

Stay tuned for exciting collaborations, educational programs, and inspiring events to empower you on your wellness journey. Together, let’s unlock your full potential and achieve optimal well-being.

Fortified Fitness Management Team: At Fortified Fitness we have carefully curated a team of world-class employees to provide you with an exceptional fitness experience. Our remarkable team offers a comprehensive range of services to support your health and fitness goals.

Experience a warm and inclusive environment where you’ll feel supported and motivated. Enjoy the convenience of having access to esthetician services, functional healthcare professionals, and a wide array of fitness experts under one roof. Receive personalized attention and guidance from our trainers and coaches who will tailor programs to your goals. Engage in invigorating workouts and learn new skills from our experienced combat sports trainers. And don’t forget to relax and rejuvenate at our smoothie and coffee bar, where you can refuel and socialize. Fortified Fitness is committed to providing you with the best resources and support to help you achieve your desired fitness level and lead a healthier lifestyle.

  • Access to highly skilled estheticians and nurses for top-notch beauty and healthcare services
  • Expert guidance from Pilates instructors and combat sports trainers to improve strength, flexibility, and self-defense skills
  • A warm and inviting environment that fosters a sense of community and motivation
  • Convenient on-site smoothie and coffee bar for delicious and nutritious beverages
  • Personalized attention and tailored fitness programs from our dedicated personal trainers

Blue Surf Bay, Blue Springs, MO - Each section was written for a weekly "Hype" video.

Outdoor Lazy River: Adjoining the activity pool and wave pool area is a meandering lazy river complete with a vortex, a calm water nook with bench seating, and space for swimmers of all ages and abilities to play. The east end of the river features an island that divides the waterway, providing an opportunity to travel through a more leisurely side of the river or enter through multiple exciting water features for a more thrilling, splash-friendly zone. The river showcases numerous immersive features that include elevated water curtains, geysers, overhead waterfalls, continuous sprays, and dumping buckets. The river provides an array of experiences for all Blue Springs guests.

Outdoor Wave Pool/Social Pool: 
Neighboring the lazy river, Blue Springs features a unique, 1600 SF wave ball-powered outdoor wave pool. This feature offers swimmers another opportunity for excitement and thrills in the water. The wave ball creates multidirectional waves, providing the entire pool ample opportunity to splash into fun! An entranceway and water break barrier wall separates the wave pool from the social pool for ease of access. For a variety of swim experiences, guests can relax on the 1100 SF social pool’s hydro bench or play basketball in one of two hoops.

Zero-Depth Entry: The zero-depth entry pool will be the perfect spot for families to cool off. The beach-style entry features geyser ground sprays leading up to an amazing play unit that features a 32" enclosed slide, dual racer slide, tipping bucket, and deck-level entry features. The pool includes a sun deck with lounge chairs that offers a unique social space allowing both adults and children to enjoy the water and sun while not having to be fully submerged. Blue Springs guests of all ages can enjoy this versatile area for various activities from splashing, to playtime, sunbathing, and relaxation.

Surf Simulator:
 Blue Springs is going to be home to the exciting Double Surf-Air by Murphys Waves. This inflatable surf simulator provides an air-cushioned ‘soft fall’ with the highest standard of performance and safety. The Surf-Air can accommodate users of all ages and abilities with its adjustable water flow settings. This is sure to be a popular feature for our guests at Blue Springs! Surf’s up!

WTI Creative Studio - Verbiage written to describe each realm of the Creative Studio process.

Section 1, Summary: It all begins with a story. An exceptional story generates a great guest experience. With out-of-the-box ideation, and a unique world of water-based entertainment at our fingertips, we create immersive stories taking guests away from everyday life. More than a process, crafting and conveying these stories is a skill - and an art.

The "pretty picture" of a proposed waterpark plan, commonly referred to as the concept masterplan, is the subsequent creation of intricate methodology involving the resources and energy of a diverse and seasoned group of design professionals. The WTI Creative Studio is a collaboration of talented designers, artists, and architects, who along with the support of the WTI aquatic engineering staff, work closely with our clients to create safe, distinctive, and functional waterparks.

The world-class aquatics industry of the 21st century is one of compelling stories, brilliant branding, integrated design, mind-blowing attractions, and immersive details. The level of competitiveness among this elite group of water entertainment destinations has increased exponentially over the last few decades, pushing owners, operators, and designers to advance the waterpark experience to truly innovative measures. One of the major areas that have been directly impacted by this market push is the waterpark attractions themselves. Not just water slides, but also pools, rivers, and beyond. WTI has worked with countless clients throughout the world to develop many “world’s first” attractions. It is the philosophy of the WTI team that the best approach to world-class amenities is to develop attractions that are a unique blend of style, vision, theme, brand, and entertainment.

A day at the waterpark has always been a coveted family experience, primarily due to its’ social and group inclusion, plus multi-generational appeal. Understanding this focus on a fun family guest experience, the WTI design team strives to enrich and deepen this connection. Whether designing an attraction for the entire family to experience together or an emphasis on a specific demographic, the development of unique experiences that allow a waterpark to successfully differentiate between user groups is a mission-critical design component.
Using sketches that explore ideas, masterplans that organize the site and overlays of the story, and theming applied to the plan, our process delivers innovative environments and a unique solution for each client. We celebrate the waterpark to its fullest by defining the guest experience, determining the correct attraction mix, and developing the largest elements to the smallest details. All to be authentic to the theme and deliver the story!

As the world leader in waterpark planning, design, and engineering, WTI has a wide range of experience in developing unique water-based entertainment venues and provides extensive offerings to align with your project vision. What’s your story?

Section 2, Blue Sky: 
Blue Sky, also known as the ideation stage, offers the opportunity to explore design ideas as a basis for the project to come. This step is where WTI regularly asks “what if?” The WTI Creative Studio team will meet with our clients to discuss the overall direction of a facility. The information gathered from these meetings start with extensive prospects and is narrowed to realistic possibilities. This information is utilized to create mood boards or storyboards with photo examples to establish the full scope of the desired guest experience, atmosphere, ambiance, and scale. Further into the process, ideas that may be unrealistic or impractical are debated and distilled into innovative and creative solutions that work. The design team will target key components of a facility to determine entertainment value, operational sensibility, theming elements, natural characteristics of the environment, ride mix, primary circulation, and the potential for future expansion. These details facilitate endless possibilities for turnkey aquatic solutions.

Section 3, Programming:
 Programming is part of the initial planning process for an aquatic destination and is a crucial phase in determining the success of a project. The Planning/Programming phase is where the design team gains a thorough understanding of the aquatic goals, business objectives, intended users, and capacity. WTI works with the client to define functional and operational requirements of the facility to develop actions and strategies to support these goals. From there, amenities are laid out in conjunction with adjacencies of elements, vendor attractions, safety equipment, locker rooms, lounge areas, etc.

Section 4, Masterplanning: WTI’s Masterplanning process identifies those items detailed in the programming phase of a successful aquatic facility and transforms them into a strategy to achieve success. Ultimately, the two most important components of a prosperous aquatic venue are the facility’s profitability and its ability to meet the recreational or entertainment needs of its patrons. We have successfully performed masterplanning services for our clients worldwide. This proven planning process aligns concept, compliance, adjacencies, and operations in a 2D plan, maximizing program efficiencies for shareholders. Site plans/surveys, including water and soil samples, are employed to ascertain the need for any retaining walls, retrofitting requirements, material, and chemical needs. Our designers address preliminary circulation or maneuverability of patrons to aquatic features throughout the facility and determine ways a proper masterplan or thematic overlay can encourage and maximize in-park spending to extend the amount of time spent on site.

Section 5, Concept Development:
 Exploring creative ideas and sensibilities coupled with the refinement of broad philosophies are determined during Concept Development. Arguably the most comprehensive and imaginative process in WTI’s Creative Studio services, Conceptual Design articulates a broad outline of vision, operations, patron interactions, attractions, guest experiences, and strategies. WTI’s conceptual designs integrate story with masterplanning and begin to overlay the practical elements of a waterpark, such as capacity, lighting, architecture, operations, and aquatic engineering. This rigorous process provides experienced recommendations to clients and facility owners to realize the project vision maximizing ROI while designing to the established budget and fulfilling long-term goals.

Concept Development further integrates the vision, theme, and story determined in pre-concept with the programming, compliance, and adjacencies to further refine the direction of the waterpark. Review cycles between WTI and the client ensure all visual and operational aspects meet shareholder expectations. Safety features, and mechanical space integration, are preliminarily developed during this juncture. Groundbreaking innovations can be developed as WTI works alongside vendors to turn dreams into reality.
Every facility is unique, which can provide its challenges as well. Concept Development identifies ROM construction costs, troubleshoots potential problems, and identifies possibilities for future considerations.

Section 6, Theming:
 Theming consists of storylines, iconography, or the utilization of an existing or pre-developed brand extension integrated with the waterpark to create an immersive environment. Themed environments within a park have become increasingly popular in municipal and commercial waterparks. With out-of-the-box designs and a unique world of water-based entertainment at our fingertips, we create distinguishing stories taking guests away from everyday life. Themed entertainment areas are used by WTI’s clients as marketing and communication tools to increase brand recognition or the of course sales. These components of facility design add to a positive guest experience and can lead to longer lengths of stay. A happy patron who finds ease in traversing through venue amenities, changing rooms, and concessions will often return and bring others along. We celebrate exceptional stories that drive the waterpark experience to a new level by defining the guest experience, determining the appropriate attraction mix, and developing the largest elements to the smallest details while remaining authentic to the theme delivering the story!

Section 7, Design Development: The magic really begins in the Design Development phase when drawings are brought to life through the development of 3D renders. The renderings showcase the guest experience at each attraction through smiling faces, unique landscaping, lighting, and more, evoking a sense of realness and emotion. Renderings are a direct result of fine tuning the preliminary schematic design package by further developing the pool sizes, shapes, rides, and their relationship. Structural and architectural information are thoroughly developed and include refined information regarding sizes, capacity, and control systems to be incorporated into the waterpark. Plans, elevations, visualizations, and schedules of facilities come into fruition at this phase. In addition, sub-consultant designs are integrated and coordinated within the architectural drawings. Color choices, finishes, and construction methods become cemented while finalization of design takes place to meet the objective of WTI clients. These processes create more realistic cost estimates and serve as a turning point of design.

Section 8, 3D Modeling/Technical Design:
 WTI’s 3D Modeling services offer accurate conceptualization of frameworks to establish spatial determinations. Technical Designs coordinate a collaborative process between clients, other firms, and vendors. The augmented and efficient workflows allow our design team to make modifications in real-time to keep all parties in agreement with one another. 3D Modeling empowers the client to view the entire vision as a comprehensible image. WTI’s Creative Studio team provides more realistic imagery to help drive the approval and funding on behalf of the client. Additionally, modeling troubleshoots and provides insight to clash detection to resolve issues in the preconstruction stage, effectively eliminating the need for field modifications, unexpected increases in cost and material replacement / waste.

Section 9, Plan Renderings:
 The implementation of computer-generated imagery has revolutionized the aquatics industry, improving client communication, marketing efforts, project development, and faithful visualization. WTI offers 3D Renderings to demonstrate the atmosphere, thematic qualities, and emotional appeal of an aquatic destination. The most effective communication tools are visual tools - like the old saying says, "a picture is worth a thousand words". WTI leverages CGI capabilities for a more photorealistic representation, complete with structural accuracy, finishes, realistic lighting, and surroundings for a life-like scene that allow you to immerse yourself digitally into a space. The presentation that is provided by the Creative Studio team conveys the importance of every design decision and detail to visualize the functional conceptualization of a proposed development. WTI has led the aquatics industry in utilizing cutting-edge technology and approaches to develop show-stopping 3D renders that provide visualization and communication tools for our planning teams.

Section 10, Photo Realistic Fly-Throughs:
 In the highly competitive aquatics industry, WTI’s Photorealistic Fly-Throughs or CGI Animations provide clients the capability to visualize the facility development with convincing quality. Our services ensure customers are provided with the best depiction via 3D architectural or environmental walkthrough of the waterpark to come. The fly-through can be used for marketing materials and press releases to generate anticipation of the upcoming facility before it even starts the construction phase. This allows clients and shareholders to virtually explore the forthcoming construction in present time. WTI offers Fly-Throughs upon request for clients worldwide.