Advanced Training Course Description:

Productivity hacks & little known features to increase editing speed.
Color management, color grading, color replacement & skin tone correction.
Proxies, scratch disk & cache management.
Create high quality professional motion graphics & data driven infographics.
File and footage techniques which will enable you to work with multiple editors.
Master Multi-camera editing.
Clean up your audio by removing noise, hiss & echo.
Manipulate & extend music in Premiere Pro & also in Adobe Audition.
Learn about markers, subtitles and amazing plugins.
Get the most from your rendering in Premiere Pro and also in Adobe Media Encoder.
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Essentials Training Course Description:

Learn how to edit a video interview
Learn how to edit a wedding video
Learn how to edit a short documentary
Learn how to edit social media advertising videos for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube Stories
Learn how to edit YouTube ‘how to’ videos
Learn how to edit talking head footage mixed with screencasts and voiceovers
Learn the difference between After Effects & Premiere Pro
How to add import video your Premiere Pro Project
Color grading video using LUTs & Looks
Create video transitions
Add animated text & lower thirds
How to export video for social media, Youtube & film.
How to organize your video editing footage like a Pro
Where to find free music & video
Video effects like Cinema effects, Black & White, Film Grain, Vignettes, Orange & Teal effect.
How to speed up Premiere Pro so it doesn't run slow while editing.
Work with transition & video effects presets and templates.
Master Lumerti Color
Removing echo, background noise like fans, aircon & fridge hum
Looping background music
Syncing aligning video & audio automatically
Animating using keyframes
Mastering the Essentials Graphics panel
How to work with HD & 4K video
Understanding of Frames per second (FPS), aspect ratios & codecs
How to create motion graphic
How to work with high frame rates
How to work with B-Roll
Zooming in & out with screen capture video & voice over audio
Green Screen
Change images into videos
The ULTIMATE Premiere Pro shortcuts
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